Ocean Protocol is introducing Ocean Market, a platform for buying and selling access to data. Building the amazon.com of data means keeping mainstream users in mind, which is why the Ocean team decided to build with Portis. In this article, Manan Patel, Growth Accelerator for Ocean, shares their vision with us.

Ocean Market integrates Portis for simple datatokens management.

The Portis whitepaper showcases how user accounts are generated, encrypted, and safely stored. Using key derivation and end-to-end encryption, your crypto wallet is always under your control, and the keys are only known to you and no one else. But the whitepaper is technical and complicated, so let’s simplify things the best way possible — with alcohol!

Using cryptographically strong techniques, Portis creates a unique account and wallet for you, accessible to no one else, not even Portis. Photo by Artur Lysyuk on Unsplash.

Transactions must be signed by a private key in order to hold any value. Since all digital assets are created from transactions, signatures play a critical role in any blockchain. In this article, we’ll learn how Ethereum transactions are signed.

All crypto addresses come from somewhere. In this second installment in our mini-series, we’ll build on our newfound knowledge of private keys and see how your browser transforms a randomly generated sequence of ones and zeros into a unique wallet address owned by you and you alone.

Private keys as raw materials

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